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Foundation Vents
Item # : foundation-vent
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  • Our foundation vents are made here in the USA and you can expect top quality when it arrives. Our sizing is based on the standard building sizes. However, we can build the vents to your specifications if needed. Just give us a call and we can help.

    Louvers are in a fixed position and do not move. Can be made of Western Cedar (Most Common), Yellow Pine, Pressure Treated, Cypress or PVC. Make your selection in the drop down box above. We will also be happy to prime the box for you. Priming is done prior to installing the wire screen on the back and is primed both on the front of the vent as well as the back. Actual louver size is 1/2" x 2" and are placed at 1 3/4" intervals.

    When selecting your vent you will need to indicate if you'd like it to be a standard jamb, a surface mount or a recessed vent. For a standard jamb vent, the vent box recesses into the wall and the trim will fit on the outside of the wall. With a surface mount, the entire vent mounts on the outside of the wall and is 1 1/2" in thickness. Recessed vents mount entirely into the wall and are flush with the wall.

    Sizing on your vent depends on whether you have a stud wall or a block wall. With a wood framed wall you will select a 15" vent in your selection above. With a block wall constructions you will select a 16" vent above.

    Stud wall vents are made with the actual vent box size is 14 1/4" designed to fit between two 16" studs on center. The trim overhangs the vent box by 7/8" on either side thus making an overall width of 16". The exact height ends up being 5 3/4" for a 6" high vent and 7 3/4" for a 8" high vent.

    In block wall construction the vents are made to fit into the space left between missing blocks. The louver box width ends up being 15 3/4" wide and 7 3/4" high.

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